Amanda Wheatley Art Work.

Welcome to my website. The work shown here is all quite recent and dates from 2017. I usually work in oils for painting, but I use most paint and drawing media. I do not have a clear category for the type of work I do, as I may paint something that is in front of me such as flowers or I may paint something to convey an idea or experience through symbols, colour, composition etc. I feel I am currently moving to a more fragmented approach as that fits my view of how the world and life is.

Depending on the subject I work from sketches and imagination or directly from the subject. For me art involves trying to communicate my own perceptions and thus I try to foster my own idiosyncratic ideas for my work. Perhaps because of this I do not enjoy working from photos. Some of my works are more obscure than others and I hope the viewer will be able to find an interpretation in them.