All pieces shown on this site are copyright to Amanda Wheatley. Please do not use an image without crediting me or asking my agreement..

2/ Oil Pastels Information.
The oil pastel pieces are on heavy paper appropriate for oil pastel, such as Sennelier pastel paper.

3/ Prices
Please contact me if you want a price for any unpriced drawing or painting, or have any other questions. There is a form in the 'Contact' section of the site.

In due course I will display prices, and measurements on all pieces, but in the meantime use the contact form. Asking a question does not commit you to anything.

4/ Cards or Prints.
All paintings can be made into cards, price £2.50 each, for A6 size; plus postage. Please contact me for any other variations in quantity or size.

All work can be made into prints. £18.00 plus p and p for A4 size